Sometimes New Reviews Take a Little While, You Know?

So, my review of Deborah Coates’s Deep Down is now live at And reading over that review, several things occur to me.

First, Deborah Coates really is an exceptional writer. If you aren’t reading her books, maybe you should amend that? Like, oh, say, as soon as possible….

Second, I’m pretty sure this is only the second review I’ve had out this year. And that would be because it’s been a very full year. Probably doesn’t look it from the outside. But full does not begin to describe the way this year has gone.

Granted, from time to time I do tend to rave about books on Facebook. But most of my attention has been spent elsewhere this year. Now that I’ve got a chance to get back into things, there should be at least one more review from me going up this year on and then I should have some time to do more reviews next year.

And speaking to, and the state of the Reviews section following the general relaunch:

There will be new reviews going live every Tuesday. We’re working through some titles we wanted to talk about but haven’t yet had a chance to share what with the website undergoing redesign, and also talking about some rather spiffy new things going forward. Going to mix things up for a bit.

I do hope you’ll be along for the ride. We’ve got some fun things to share.

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