Updates: CSFL Cross Posting and Imaginarium 2014 Reading Material Reminders

In amidst the rush and tumble of doing things (an excellent triple launch event on the weekend at Bakka Phoenix Books for Chilling Tales 2, Tesseracts 17, and Urban Green Man on Saturday, among them) that is my life, I have posted some things over at the CSFL (Can Spec Fic List) website, which I also run. You can find that new post here.

Specifically, the breakdown of the 2013 Aurora Awards voting (in .pdf format). And also, the following, which I am directly reproducing here:

I’m going to remind everyone that Sandra Kasturi and Helen Marshall are still reading for Imaginarium 2014: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing. For those who don’t already know, Imaginarium is an annual reprint Best Of series put out by ChiZine Publications. (2012 and 2013 volumes at the links, for reference.) The submission deadline for submitting reading material for consideration is January 31st, 2014.

Now, I’ve been getting in touch with publishers and editors piecemeal requesting reprint/reading material for the editors, but I’ve had precious few responses, and a fair number of e-mails bouncing off listed contact e-mails. So, writers, editors, publishers, this is a reiteration of the open call (I’m still going to try and get in touch with publishers/editors individually, and am cross-posting this in multiple places, but):

Submit electronic files of your 2013 publications (individual stories, review copies of books/magazines/anthologies) to bestcanspec@chizinepub.com. (Submission of physical copies if electronic copies of files are not available is permissible, but electronic submissions are strongly preferred.) Submit work for consideration as far in advance of the deadline as possible.

Writers: If you’re not sure if your publisher has sent in your story, or stories, send a copy yourself. Duplicate submissions of the same work are fine, as long as the editors get a chance to read it.

Publishers/Magazine Editors/Anthologists: Even if you are publishing primarily literary fiction, please do submit your publications/collections/books/any applicable material for consideration anyway. “Speculative fiction” covers interstitial, slipstream, magic realist, fabulist, and other material as well as generally defined genre fiction, and the editors need the opportunity to determine whether or not what you are publishing would be eligible for consideration, so please do send that along.

The editors are reading short fiction, novelettes, novellas [Edit: and poetry] for consideration. It does not matter where this material was published, as long as the author is Canadian (citizen, resident, expatriate, and so on) and the work was published in 2013. You should also send work that will be published before the calendar year is over.

Thank you.

More news and other things coming shortly.

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