The Quickest of Quick Updates (New Review)

Hi all. I’ve a new review up on today. This one for Nick Kaufmann‘s Dying Is My Business. Took the better part of the day for me to actually post it. Normally these things appear early Tuesday morning on the site, but this one went up significantly later than I had intended.

Partly because I spent most of today rewriting the review. And partly because of all the mayoral hoopla happening here in Toronto, and the many conversations resultant of all the revelations/admissions/fallout that took up the afternoon.

No, really. Pretty much nothing got done while that was going on.

Well, a few minor things. But nothing major until those conversations started winding down. Actually, come to think of it, today was probably the most active I have ever been on Twitter in a single day. Go figure.

Anyway, enjoy the review. Buy the book in question. Support good authors.

More coherency at a later date (when less busy). Night all.

[Edit: Fixed the broken links. They should all work now.]

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