Announcing ALL THE THINGS, Including Several Anthologies

So, while the reading period for the 2014 FoMSSC opened today ($600.00 [CDN] in prizes, and the funds raised go to support [via the Friends of the Merril] the Merril Collection of the Toronto Public Library system), I’ve spoken about that at length elsewhere over the past few days. And the link above will get you everything you need to get started if that’s new to you.

Besides, I’ve got several new things to talk about.

All of them anthologies in the works. Specifically, anthologies I’m editing. Fun times.

The first, Start a Revolution: QUILTBAG Fiction Vying for Change, opens up to submissions on January 1, 2014, and is paying .05/word for original fiction. I will also be soliciting stories for this anthology. Start a Revolution will be coming out through Exile Editions in Spring 2015, and I’ve given it a page of its own on the website (see the navbar above, or click the link on the title) because there’s a lot to cover with this one.

I will also be editing another anthology of original QUILTBAG fiction for Exile after Start a Revolution. The second anthology (which does not yet have any form of scheduling attached to it) will be an unthemed (beyond the QUILTBAG content) horror anthology. It’s a spiritual successor to Michael Rowe’s absolutely brilliant Queer Fear anthologies. And I’m putting it together with Michael’s very generous permission to continue and expand the legacy he established in those two seminal books. This anthology, too, will have an open call (in addition to soliciting stories). I just don’t have dates for that yet.

The third book I’m working on will be familiar to some of you (namely those of you I’ve already contacted about it). It’s a reprint anthology titled The Humanity of Monsters. And unless something changes it has a publisher (who I’m not naming publicly yet), and will (hopefully) be released somewhere in Fall 2015. Things are still in the works with this one, so I can’t really go into detail right now. Except to say to those of you I’ve gotten in touch with about reprints for THOM: I’m still working on rights and permissions. I will be e-mailing everyone once there’s progress, but you’re all welcome to get in touch with me in the meantime to address any questions you have or if you’re just looking for the kind of update I can’t give publicly right now.

I will be providing more information on all of these projects as I have it. In the meantime, you are all welcome to discuss, enquire, or, indeed, wildly speculate on anything you like in relation to the foregoing, in the Comments.

Oh, and re the coming open calls, and especially for Start a Revolution, please be so good as to spread the word as widely as possible. Thank you all.

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