Start a Revolution Kicks Into Gear In Two Weeks

As of today, there’s two weeks to go before the reading period for Start a Revolution opens (on January 1, 2014). And because that’s now so close I’ve posted the submissions address for both anthologies on their respective guidelines page. Given that they’re the same submissions address it wasn’t exactly onerous….

The other thing I have done is posted up a note about the publication rights I will be seeking for both anthologies (again the same). I was looking at the guidelines pages today thinking that something was missing, but couldn’t recall what until I realized that I’d left that off :/

Let me stress that this was in no way an attempt to obfuscate things on that point. I put up the guidelines for both books in a rush and am amazed that what I wrote is as coherent as it is. (You may now chime in with opinions to the contrary if you wish.)

Given that the submissions address is live, you may submit queries there instead of in the Comments section of the guidelines pages if you’d like. Though I will ask that everyone please refrain from submitting their actual stories until the respective reading periods are open; I won’t be reading stories submitted to either anthology until the actual reading dates for them arrive, so should you send a story early it will simply sit ignored in my inbox to no practical purpose.

And, again, I will ask that people help spread the word about these anthologies. I’d very much like to see a wide range of diverse submissions, and there are all kinds of people I don’t know, or currently have no interaction with who should have a shot at submitting something to these books. So thanks to everyone for the help (and continued help) in that regard.

And, seriously, if you have questions, ask them sooner than later. Better a response now than at the eleventh hour.

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