Story and Poetry Sales! And Other Good Things Going On!

Well. My 2014 seems to be starting off reasonably well.

Among all the other things going on, I had word of two acceptances (from different markets) this week. Neither of which I have release dates for yet.

The first is for my story “Jenny of the Long Gauge,” which went to Silvia Moreno-Garcia‘s anthology Fractured: Tales of the Canadian Post-Apocalypse. Though Silvia isn’t releasing the full ToC yet, I gather from Facebook status updates that both Claude Lalumière and Alyx Dellamonica have placed stories with the anthology as well. I’m very much looking forward to seeing who else ends up in that anthology. It’s a fun concept, and wide open enough to allow for an awful lot of variety in the content.

[Edit: Silvia has now posted a full ToC. A number of people I recognize there. Others I’ve shared ToC space with before, and am delighted to be able to do so again. Still more people that are new to me. And whose work I now look forward to reading :) ]

It’s also nice for me, on another note, because it marks the second time I’ve made pro rate payment from a story sale.

Speaking to which, it turns out that my first year of Campbell Award eligibility starts this year. Which is mostly just a case of me going “Yay!” and then getting on with things because there’s a whole long list of eligible people who really need to be nominated for that award ahead of me.

Now, the second acceptance was for my poem “The Weight of Winter,” which went to Ideomancer (!)

So, not only do I get to sell poetry to a market that runs some damn fine poetry, I also get to have work in Ideomancer again! I do not think I can stress enough the joy of being able to appear in my favourite market again. Oh. Wait. Yes I can.

(Your mileage on manner of expression may vary.)

(Also, it is late, and I am feeling free to be silly. So there.)

I actually quite like the idea of repeat sales. Though I only sell to the same markets occasionally. And part of that is that I tend to write a great many different things, speaking both stylistically and to subject.

So it’s nice when it happens.

And, again, IDEOMANCER!

And Then There Are the Anthology Projects

I’ve been seeing submissions come in for Start a Revolution, which is excellent. Right now there are many more non-Canadian submissions than Canadian ones, which I thought might happen, actually. Even though most of the referral traffic going to the anthology pages on the website is from places like or The (Submissions) Grinder, still not seeing a whole lot of Canadian authored subs as yet.

Also, it’s nice that most people are following (the bulk of) the guidelines. Makes things easier. I haven’t really had a chance to do more than glance at things in the slush pile for Start a Revolution as yet, though I should be able to get to some of those pieces shortly.

In the meantime, keep sending your stories. The pile is currently small, and I’m really rather hoping for an avalanche of work to pick from.

Also some nice things going on in the background/production side of the book. All of which I can talk about down the road. But it’s nice when things come together :)

Now for Something Completely Different

Over on the CSFL site, I finally got around to blogging about the Auroras, as I’ve been meaning to do for months. The post is quite long, and somewhat … well … let us say it is an awareness post. In that I am talking about many of the problems currently undermining the award.

I also took the opportunity to discuss certain generalities of Canadian SFFH that we tend, as a larger community, to shy away from talking about. And addressed a few other related things.

It’s a fun post. A little ranty. Well worth the read. Or so people keep telling me.

I’ve had other nice news in the last few days, too, but those things are for later on down the road. And this’ll do for a fairly brief overview of what’s going on here. For now, anyway, while I get back to the rest of the things that need doing.

Still trying to put together a list of interesting things I came across in the last year, re recommendations and an overview of my 2013 writing/publishing industry what have you.

I’ll post it when I have it.

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2 Responses to Story and Poetry Sales! And Other Good Things Going On!

  1. _Fractured_ is looking better and better, isn’t it? I can’t wait to see what the finished product is going to do.

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