Fiction Writing Workshop Coming Up in April

Some of you may have already seen the first notices about this on Facebook and Twitter, but I haven’t had a chance to blog about this yet, so:

Come Sunday, April 13th, from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm at Bakka Phoenix Books I’ll be running a fiction (short form and novel) writing workshop called “The Architecture of Fiction: Critical Approaches to Writing Fiction From the Ground Up.” The workshop will function as an interactive discussion followed by a Q+A.

[Edit: What did I forget to do when I first posted this page? Link to the workshop’s page on TicketLeap, because of course I did. Fixed now. Links above and below this insertion.]

Tickets for “The Architecture of Fiction” are $25.00 (CDN), and I’m going to cheat (slightly) here by reproducing the text I’m using for the TicketLeap page to describe the workshop, so if this looks familiar you know why:


A workshop for new to mid-level writers operating as an interactive discussion framed in critical/editorial discussion of the craft and technique of writing short fiction (all lengths) and novel length work. The workshop will cover topics including the following:

Prose (effectual and ineffectual; marrying prose to content), voice (finding yours; the right one for the piece and maintaining it), structure (framework; narrative structure, progression, and interweaving; beginnings, endings, and how to sustain the midsection; text and subtext), creating three-dimensional characters, reader investment (hooks; maintaining the reader’s engagement), narrative intent, self-evaluation (applying critical dissection to your own work; tricks for gaining quick distance from a work), and better approaches to critically evaluating the work of others.

This workshop will be conducted in the same discussion-oriented style as “The Guts of the Machine: Understanding the Short Fiction Market,” from last August.

Workshop participants have the option to bring the first page (manuscript format–250 words maximum) of one of their works-in-progress which will be used (anonymously) to demonstrate and explore the subjects being discussed; this will also function as an on-the-spot writing clinic for submitted work.

Participants are advised to bring notebooks/paper and writing implements.

Cost of the ticket includes a copy of the Chilling Tales 2 anthology (or an alternate book if you already have a copy), a discount coupon for Bakka Phoenix Books, and refreshments.

A Q+A will follow the workshop (attendance is limited to ensure that all questions can be answered following the interactive discussion).

I’m going to skip the long version of the “What Qualifications Do I Have to Run a Workshop?” section this time around and just point out the following to those of you who aren’t already aware: I’m an Editor with ChiZine Publications, a Submissions Editor with Apex Magazine, a published writer and poet, an anthologist with three books coming out in 2015 (two books of original fiction and a reprint anthology), and a book reviewer who prefers subtextual and structural analysis to rehashing synopses.

I do a number of other things in the industry, but those seem the most relevant points to highlight.

So, all that said, by all means feel free to spread the word about the workshop. Any questions or comments about same are welcome in the comments below, or you can address them to me, via e-mail, at

Looking forward to seeing those of you interested in coming out for this one.

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