Reminder Notice: The Architecture of Fiction Workshop (April 2014)

We’re now one month out from the fiction writing workshop, “The Architecture of Fiction: Critical Approaches to Writing Fiction from the Ground Up,” that I’ll be running in April.

There are still tickets available for same. The total number of tickets I’ve made available is not terribly high, so the workshop group will be reasonably sized no matter how this falls out. (Small number of people signed up so far, not sure how many it will be in the end–though if it mirrors last year’s workshop then the class size will be about ten.)

For those who don’t already know, the actual workshop will be held on April 13th, at Bakka Phoenix Books, from 1-3 pm. The workshop is focused on critical/editorial discussion of the craft of writing short fiction (at all lengths) and novel length work. Tickets to the workshop cost $25 (CDN), and the cost of the tickets includes a free book, a discount coupon for Bakka, and refreshments.

The link at the top of the post will take you to the Ticketleap page for the workshop, which discusses the topics that will be covered and other information. You can purchase tickets from there as well.

By all means please feel free to spread the word about the workshop.

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