A (Fairly) Brief Update on Everything Going on Around Here

So, not that you’d know it from all the focus I’ve given the Start a Revolution anthology while the reading period was open, but there have actually been a fair number of other things going on around here while that was happening :)

And now that the submissions window for Start a Revolution is finished and I’m on to working on putting the actual book together (with announcements/updates to come later in the month), and all the work involved therein, I’m going to take a moment to talk about some of the other things I’ve refrained from talking about in the meantime.

–I wanted all the updates, and information for Start a Revolution to have centre focus so everyone got a fair, and focused, shot at making something work for the anthology, and the information needed to so was as front and centre as possible.–

Ad Astra Schedule

I’m actually going to be at Ad Astra again this year, and doing a few things: some panels and a reading. The latter of which has metamorphosed into so much more than a reading. See, I got scheduled for a reading at 10:30 pm. On a Saturday. If you schedule someone that late, on the longest evening of a con weekend, you’re just asking to be messed with. (More info on that below.) But, first, a brief version of my schedule. (The full schedule, with more information on these individual panels as well, can be found here: http://ad-astra.shdlr.com/grid)

Friday – 7:00 pm – Newmarket – Stephen King of the Hill (w/Joel Sutherland, Rio Youers, Simon McNeil)

Saturday – 4:00 pm – Aurora – When is an Editor Not an Editor (w/Anne Groell, Gabrielle Harbowy, Karen Dales, Max Turner)

Saturday – 10:30 pm – Oakridges – The Michael Matheson and Derek Künsken Boozy Fanfic Reading*

Sunday – 3:00 pm – Newmarket – Rejectomancy (w/Anne Groell, Douglas Smith, Ed Greenwood, Gabrielle Harbowy)

* So, yes, I got assigned a 10:30 pm reading on a Saturday. Which, I suppose predictably, (and fairly quickly) evolved into Derek Künsken and I reading alternating/intercalating fanfic (I wrote Pacific Rim/Star Wars crossover fanfic specifically for this, and Derek will be reading from The Empire Striketh Back). With booze involved. I will be bringing some alcohol for the room. People attending have been invited to do likewise, and many of the people that I know are coming are doing so, with the whole thing taking on a welcoming party atmosphere. Especially since after Derek and I are done debasing Star Wars, Pacific Rim, and the works of Shakespeare, the room is going open mic for fanfic. Several people have also said they will bring same, so this is going to get hilarious very fast.

Basically, there is no one scheduled after that event in the room we’re occupying. So it’s a great opportunity to relax and enjoy a communal space. I’m also bringing a couple of books to give away, and will find some pretext for doing so. But the whole thing is, at this point, pretty much a low-key party/gathering for as long as people want to stick around. If you’re attending the con, by all means drop by.

Clarion West

So, more or less on a lark, I applied to the Clarion West Six Week Workshop. The acceptance came in March.

So I will be doing intensive writer things this summer. In Seattle. It will be awesome. I will also be doing some fundraising in support of that, starting not too long from now (both direct fundraising, and via shouting a little more vigorously than usual that I am available for freelance editing, with some actual guidelines going up for same on this site soon, fingers crossed). Because money. And what have you. But, first, let us take a moment to breathe and then shout in uproarious joy because Clarion (all the various branches) is a pretty fucking awesome thing to get to do.

“The Architecture of Fiction” Workshop

This is more of a reminder that the weekend after Ad Astra (on Sunday, April 13th, in fact) I will be running this fiction writing workshop at Bakka Phoenix Books. Still plenty of tickets left for that, and the class size is intentionally small so that everyone can get something out of it and the entire workshop can function as a conversation/back and forth discussion. Which is, really, the ideal way to teach anything. Involvement/investment is key to retention, so I prefer the conversational approach to teaching, lecturing, and so on. The whole thing is decidedly low key. If you’re interested, by all means attend. Full information, and the opportunity to buy tickets, at the website linked above.

Apex Magazine‘s “Operation Fourth Story” Fundraiser

So, technically, “Operation Fourth Story” is more of a subscription/Patreon drive. But still. The purpose of the initiative is to put Apex in a position where we’re able to offer still more original content per issue. We’re managing a fairly good output of a variety of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and other content at this point. But there’s always room to improve. Have a look at the link above to see how you can help, and please feel free to spread the word.

Well, there’s more going on in the background around here right now than just those things. But I’ve got an inordinate number of things to attend to, e-mails piling up, and responses that need to go out. Expect more updates on various topics throughout the month.

And I’m looking forward to being able to talk about Start a Revolution some more once I’m able to do so. Things are shaping up very nicely with that….

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