More Additions/Changes Coming to the Website

I’m doing some revising and content addition to the website this weekend. Going to see, specifically, about finally putting two things together:

First, I’ve been talking for ages about actually building a dedicated Freelance Editing page here, and I really do need to get that put together to facilitate some of the fundraising I’m doing in advance of heading to Clarion West. Principally because while I will be setting up some direct fundraising I’d be immensely more comfortable raising at least some of the funds I need through the work I do anyway in terms of my livelihood. More on that later, but for now I’m working on putting together a list of rates, process information, supporting information, and some testimonials. Hoping to have that up by the end of the week.

[Update: The Editing page is now live, along with subpages for Process, Rates, and Testimonials. You’ll find everything related to the freelancing editing under the Editing tab on the navbar.]

Second, between all of the work I’m doing on multiple projects and the fact that is no longer running new reviews (the website has been folded into CZP’s ongoing promotional stream, so new content is strictly limited at this point) I don’t really have a ready place to post reviews, and the time spent seeking out markets to host the ones I’ve promised to write is more time-consuming than I can really commit to right now.

However, as I have several books in queue for review, and keep getting requests (both at the address and elsewhere) to cover still more work, I’m just going to start posting reviews here on the site, and create a tab in the navbar to collect those posts in bibliographic format. Probably going to move all the reviews links from the general Bibliography page to the Reviews page in the process. Just seems easiest to have everything under the same tab.

[Update: The Reviews page is up and running, and you’ll find the tab for it on the navbar.]

And now if you’ll all excuse me, I need to go write the several things I promised people I would have done more or less this weekend :)

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