Doing Some Teaching Tomorrow (Fiction Writing Workshop)

Yes, yes, this is a super last minute reminder. (Been a little busy around here.)

Nevertheless, for all those of you who were on the fence about whether or not to come to the fiction writing workshop I’m teaching tomorrow (“The Architecture of Fiction: Critical Approaches to Writing Fiction from the Ground Up” at Bakka Phoenix Books, from 1-3 pm), there are still tickets, and you are all welcome.

Obviously that invitation is meant for Toronto and surrounding area people, but the general welcome stands :)

And while the following may or may not actually be an incentive for anyone to come, I think this is quite cool: Bakka currently has in stock several different anthologies in which my work appears, including Future Lovecraft (the Prime Books re-release), Dead North, and Chilling Tales 2. So you can pick from any of those three as your free book for attending the workshop.

For my part I just like the fact that there are so many books at the store with my work in them :D

Anyway, tickets still available ($25.00/person). Interactive discussion, snacks, discounts coupons for Bakka, and a generally good time to be had up for grabs. Swing by if you’re so inclined.

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