Onward! To Victory! And Clarion West 2014!

So, as many of you already know (and as I’ve been mentioning a little bit here and elsewhere since April) I’ve been accepted into the Clarion West 2014 Six Week Summer Workshop.

Which, if you’re not already familiar with Clarion, or Clarion West, is kind of a big deal.

As the lists of instructors and alumni at both workshops (and at the currently inactive Clarion South in Australia) show.

But, more importantly, it’s an incredibly intensive workshop and proving ground for short fiction writers. A massive boost of craft and career/networking, and one of the best short fiction workshops kicking around. They also only take 18 students a year, each.

But the programs are not without cost. So I’m doing some fundraising. Which would be why that new widget has appeared on the right side of the page. You know, the one with a picture of me, and a completion bar. The one with the header “Fundraising for Clarion West 2014” above it.

Yes, that one.

Clicking on the progress meter in that widget will take you to the campaign page for same. (Or you can just click here to go to the “To Clarion West 2014! And Victory!” campaign page.) Which will explain everything.

Which also means I don’t have to retype it all again here :)

There’s been a good start to that campaign, and people have been saying some absolutely lovely and generous things while helping support it. Which is always welcome, and deeply appreciated.

I’ll be spreading the word about this in various places (in non-spam fashion) over the next two months while I fundraise in advance of the workshop. And if anyone else wants to help spread the word that would be fantastic :)

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