Clarion West 2014 Fundraising Update

So we’re about a week now into my trying to put together the necessary funds for Clarion West 2014, which has been going on while I’ve been doing an inordinate number of other things, ranging from trying to build an anthology to just trying to make ends meet in general. All that before we even talk about the special consideration that Clarion funding constitutes :)

So, I suppose, the last week has been a variation of the usual state around here?

In any case, I’ve decided to, at least for the first little while of the campaign, just update things once a week. As part and parcel of trying not to pester people overmuch.

To that end, I’ve got a very brief update on the GoFundMe campaign page for same. (GoFundMe doesn’t appear to have a direct link to updates, so I’ve just had to link to the main page.) Largely saying thank you to those who have already been able to donate their time to help spread the word, to offer well wishing, or to donate funds. I’ve managed to raise just shy of $500 towards the campaign goal in the first week, and that is a fantastic start. Especially since there are so many other worthwhile projects, honest to god emergencies, disaster relief, and all kinds of other worthy causes to put money toward.

I appreciate the support that I’ve seen so much more than I can say.

I’m trying to figure out what else I might be able to offer people in turn, because my knowledge of the industry and critical skills are a good start, but it doesn’t quite feel like enough from my end. I’ll have more time to look into that once Start a Revolution is done. Which is fairly soon. Trying to finish getting all the responses out the door at the moment. We’ll see if I beat my original estimate of having all of that done by the end of the month :/

And, speaking to the anthology, I’ll have an update coming along for that shortly.

In the meantime, thank you, again, to everyone who has been able to help. Here’s hoping things are going well for all of you in turn :)

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2 Responses to Clarion West 2014 Fundraising Update

  1. Beverly says:

    I know you have to offer something to help fundraising; but, what I would want is just for you to go, immerse yourself, and to be awesome. I hope enough others feel the same. :)

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