Another Weekly Clarion West 2014 Fundraising Update

Another week, another Clarion West 2014 fundraising update. Currently sitting at a little over 1/3 of the way to the funding goal. Which, actually, is on track so far. But rather than blather on here, I’m just going to paste in the update I wrote on the campaign’s GoFundMe page.

Efficiency! Punctuality! Honest admission of current state! I have no idea what’s happening here. I’m sure it will pass soon enough, though. And then we can all return to our regularly scheduled chaos :D

In any case, the actual update is below:

More or less in line with the once a week updating of this fundraiser, I’m just checking in to note that we’re now heading into week three (of six) with just over a third of the required funds raised!

Which, actually, is both on target (go figure) and fairly extraordinary when you think about it. Pulling together about $500 a week mostly on the strength of goodwill, teaching people about the intricacies and workings of the publishing industry, and providing critical assessment of people’s fiction? That certainly strikes *me* as extraordinary.

I guess we’ll see if this campaign can keep up that pace. I’m all for it doing so, I’m just cautiously optimistic :)

Also, more often than not, somewhat of a pessimist–as those of you who have read the bulk of my published work will already be aware. I write horror, magic realism, and surrealism (and a fair number of ghost stories). What were the odds? :p

But, regardless, this campaign has been quite wonderful to watch in a lot of respects. I’m constantly blown away by the very generous support people have shown around it. And for it.

It’s been utterly astounding. And I’m just going to keep thanking you all for it while I try and figure out some way to do so better than just having to keep saying it :D

And with that pasted, I must dash off to get other things done. I’ll be back with another update next week, and other things in between in the meantime. Granted, the posts between Clarion West updates may not all be inordinately long (they can’t all be the review of Jeff VanderMeer’s Authority from a few days ago), but there’s enough going on here that I should be able to manage something to break up these updates :)

And if you’d like to donate something to the fundraiser, you’ll find the campaign page here.

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