The Halfway Point Clarion West Fundraising Update

Four weeks down, four weeks to go!

It’s Tuesday, so another update on the Clarion West fundraising I’m doing. And at this point, halfway through the process, I’ve got just over 40% of the goal. So, getting there :D

And because it’s a very full day in several respects (including the “Selling Genre Fiction in a Splintering Publishing Market” panel at the Merril Collection this evening), I’m just going to paste in my update from the GoFundMe campaign directly:

So, here we are entering week five of this fundraiser. I was just looking at the dates and apparently I’ve been thinking about this as a six week fundraiser when it’s actually an eight week campaign.

Which means, primarily, that I need to adjust my thinking from trying for $500/week to $375/week, which seems eminently more reasonable.)

But it also says to me that apparently I’m thinking a *little* bit too much in terms of Clarion West time, and not so much actual, calendrical progression. At least I’ve got Clarion West on the brain, as it were, and I suspect that’s a good thing in the runup to the workshop itself :)

In any case, we’re now halfway through this campaign, and a few hundred dollars shy of halfway to the goal. So we’re getting there!

And re the prior, occasional talk about upping the reward content for the campaign: I’m going to add an end goal “If the funds are raised, I’ll post X” deal to the proceedings:

I’ve been soliciting opinions on FB & Twitter as to whether people would rather see free good fiction, bad fiction, or an excerpt from the novel-in-progress I’m working on if we hit the end goal. (By bad fiction I mean some truly execrable things from fairly long ago that I dug up the other day while cleaning out some papers in my apartment.)

Thinking of posting whatever gets decided on as free content on my blog when all is said and done. And I guess we’ll see what people want to see shortly :D

Thanks again to everyone who’s been able to help out with the funding and spreading the word so far. Now to just get through the rest of it.

Okay, deep breath, and on to the second half….

Now, speaking to that last point, if you want to comment on what you’d like to see posted as free fiction if the fundraising goal is met (especially since it will be posted here), feel free to do so in the Comments field below :)

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