Another Week, Another Clarion West Update (Now With Added, Shiny Incentives)

This train keeps rolling. Technically, I meant to do this yesterday, but the end of the month is a mad scramble to get all kinds of things done (there’s a long overdue announcement coming later in the day…) and that’s meant that I’m in a bit of a rush.

So, didn’t make last week’s goal, and trailing a bit behind on the Clarion West fundraising front. But there’s still three weeks to go, so there’s time enough to make things work.

And at this point I’m offering additional incentives to keep the fundraising going, and hit the goal. An incentive which is explained below, in the reposted update from the campaign:

Meant to post this weekly update yesterday, but it’s been a busy month, and a busier week.

In any case, didn’t quite meet the funding goals for last week, but there’s still time :)

After a little bit of feedback, and mostly just going back and forth on things, I’m going to deal with goal challenges/additional rewards this way: When we hit the halfway point on the fundraiser (so $1,500) and the goal ($3,000), I’m going to post up excerpts from my novel in progress on my blog, freely available to read.

At this point I only know one of the fragments I’ll post–will decide on the other(s) down the road–and what there is of the book so far is largely in rough/draft form, but this is the book I’ve gotten an OAC grant for back when it was a short story collection (there’s some complicated background that goes with that transition); one story in a different form than will appear in the final novel has been sold and comes out this year; another story set in the same world (*technically*–again, it’s complicated) as the novel was published last year; and another story that, again, is folded into the novel both got me into Clarion West and got me longlisted for Exile’s $15,000 Carter V. Cooper Short Fiction competition.

So, you know, I’m doing fairly well by that book thus far. And what there is of it seems to be worth reading at this point, so I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of that as some additional incentive to get this campaign funded.

Now, there are just under three weeks to go on the fundraiser and just over $1,700 to go. But we’re only, as of this writing, $210 away from the halfway mark and the posting of the first novel excerpt.

It’s been a wild ride thus far, and I deeply appreciate the help around direct funding, spreading the word, and all the general support from everyone. Still going to try not spamming this, but it looks like I need to push a little bit more at this point. And, by all means, I will absolutely welcome more help continuing to spread the word.

In the meantime, again, thanks immensely all round :D

That said, if you want to donate to the campaign, you can do so directly from here.

And/or you’re welcome to spread the word about this any way you like. I appreciate all the help I can get spreading the word on this as widely as possible at this point :)

And soon enough there’ll be a novel excerpt up and available to read. Because I am totally about the shiny incentive as of this week….

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One Response to Another Week, Another Clarion West Update (Now With Added, Shiny Incentives)

  1. Best of luck in your fund raising. I’ll be interested to see how it goes.

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