An Unscheduled Clarion West Fundraising Update

So, hey, guess what? We’ve now hit the halfway mark on the goal for the Clarion West attendance fundraising!

And as previously mentioned, that means free fiction coming up!

From the GoFundMe campaign page, a more direct explanation thereof:

Another slightly off schedule update:

Between online and offline donations (all of which are represented in the tally here), we’ve now passed the halfway mark on this (hopefully not quixotic) endeavour, so I will be posting up at least one (possibly more) free to read excerpt(s) from the novel-in-progress on my blog :)

I’m going to hold off on doing it until Tuesday though, because I’ve got a couple of different deadlines to meet before the end of the month (i.e. before end of day tomorrow), along with some things to get done that are going to eat up time on Sunday and Monday.

So Tuesday it is!

Which will actually coincide extremely well with the next scheduled update anyway. So there you go :D

Pretty sure I know one of the excerpts I’ll be putting up (and I can think of another I might post along with that first one for the halfway mark excerpting). So you’ll very shortly be seeing raw, kind of first draft (I edit as I write) material from the novel-in-progress!

And I’ll be putting up still more excerpts once we hit the full goal of the campaign. So you might also actually end up seeing a reasonable chunk of different bits and pieces of the book by the time this campaign is over.

Speaking to which, you’re more than welcome to help put everyone closer to seeing more snippets from the novel-in-progress by going to the “To Clarion West 2014! And Victory!” fundraising page and donating something, if you’re so inclined.

(I’m feeling slightly shameless today. This may escalate as panic settles in and we get closer to Clarion West actually starting.)

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