Belated Blog Notice That, Yes, This Patchwork Flesh is Open

Though I’ve been spreading the word on the opening of the reading period for This Patchwork Flesh (open as of June 1st, through August 31st) elsewhere online, I’ve not yet taken a moment to do so here.

If you were already aware of this, that’s fantastic, and I appreciate any support you’ve been able to give with spreading the word, and/or look forward immensely to seeing what you send for the open call :)

If you’re not yet aware of what this post refers to, This Patchwork Flesh is an anthology I’m editing for Exile Editions, to be released in Fall 2015. All the pertinent information, and guidelines, can be found here.

I already have some submissions to sort through at this point. Given what’s in the pile thus far, and what’s coming in from the solicitations, it’s going to be a fun time :)

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