Clarion and All Points West

Come tomorrow I’m heading off to Clarion West.

An all but literal fuckton of things still to do in advance of that. All in the midst of the unbelievably busy week this has been. As those of you who have been party to this week’s events already know.

The blog will be going largely quiet while I’m at Clarion. But I’ll still be doing some fundraising from Clarion West because I’ve got another $550, give or take, to raise toward August’s expenses (since being at Clarion prevents me from freelancing to do so normally).

The updates may not be on a weekly schedule, but I’ll still be pointing out that that’s going on.

In the meantime, I’ve posted something over at the fundraising campaign about this, and in order to make sure that there’s time to get everything done on this end that I need to in advance of the trip, I’m just going to cross post that here:

Owing to an extraordinarily full week on this end, I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write this update until now.

Tomorrow I’m off to Clarion West.

Which, in and of itself still seems a decidedly surreal thing to be able to say.

And wrapped up in that is just so much else. All of which would take much too long to say here, and I’m in more than a little bit of a rush in terms of preparation :)

So I will simply say, again, THANK YOU to everyone who has helped with the fundraising, especially as regards spreading the word around this campaign, which I could not possibly have managed nearly so well on my own.

Given that there’s still some funds to raise, I’m going to continue to run this campaign from Clarion West. Trying to swing the same once a week updating schedule. But it may end up being more erratic. We’ll have to see how that goes.

The rule and precedent around the workshop is that one doesn’t discuss the workshop with the outside world while one is there. (Will we Fight Club? I suspect we shall Fight Club.) And certain things are still private afterward. Which, given the kind of experience it is makes a great deal of sense.

But I’ll still be popping online to talk about the fundraising.

And in any case, there’s not terribly far to go now–some $550 and change, really. All of that still to be raised toward August’s expenses in lieu of being able to work the freelancing required to do so because of the time spent at Clarion. (Still a completely worthwhile trade-off.) And I think that’s an entirely doable goal within the next six weeks.

In the meantime, I’ve got a ton of preparation still to do before I go, so I’m out for now.

You have all been exemplary, and ridiculously generous. And I’ll catch up with you all again shortly here whenever the next update lands :)

So, that said, back to prep.

There are a fair number of things I’d intended to do before I left for Clarion West (including a number of book reviews), but those will have to wait until I get back.

Anyone who needs to can still reach me while I’m at the workshop, but my focus will be there.

(Yes, you should continue sending your stories for This Patchwork Flesh. I will be glancing at what’s in the slush pile occasionally while at the workshop.)

And thanks again to everyone for all the help :D

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