Canada Day and Clarion West!

So, I meant to post this yesterday, but I’m doing all kinds of things via Clarion West at the moment, and rushing to get stuff done. So, in order to share the interesting things going on (and also wish everyone a slightly belated Canada Day) I’m just going to cross post my update from the “To Clarion West 2014! And Victory!” fundraising campaign from yesterday.

A bit of a confluence with this week’s update. It’s the first of July, so I get to post this on Canada Day!

Which I am spending in Seattle? So, um, feeling slightly strange about that at the moment. But whatever, I’ll just slip some maple syrup into everyone else’s dinner here at Clarion West and I’m sure that’ll meet my cultural obligation to spread the Canadian love. And be appropriately patriotic and what have you.

I wonder if I know anyone who can quick ship some beavers or some moose down here … ?

(If the tone isn’t already telling you, I’m a little loopy at this point. Hello Clarion West scheduling.)

Anyway, still trying to finish off the monetary goal for this fundraiser, so there is that. And if you have the opportunity to donate, or to spread the word, then please do so and so on and so forth.

But *much* more importantly to what I want to talk about at this particular moment is this:

Back in April, at Ad Astra (a Canadian convention), Derek Newman-Stille and I sat down to do an interview on LGBT/QUILTBAG fiction, the spec fic industry (especially Canadian spec fic) and my own work. Derek held onto that interview until we were into Pride celebration territory, and now that we are that interview’s gone live. It’s surprising packed with useful information, and it’s the relaxed, sweary, true-to-life version of me (accept no substitutes) partaking of the interview process.

You can find that interview online here:

And by sharing that I’m basically making listening to me talk about spec fic for 45 minutes your Canada Day gift.

Come on, admit it, I got you an awesome present :D

So, you know, a fairly meaty spec fic interview in that mix (which was immensely fun to do, and has quite a fair amount of information on spec fic, LGBT/QUILTBAG material, and more, so more than a little useful for them as wants it), and a general well wishing on Canada Day.

And this is the point where I say, “Why look, there’s just under $300 to go on that fundraiser. You should totally help spread the word (or if you’re in a position to chip in, then by all means) so we can hit that final goal and I can shut up about this.” :D

Also, when we hit the final goal of that fundraiser, I’m going to post at least one more (quite raw, admittedly) excerpt from the really short novel-in-progress. So there’s that to look forward to too.

In the meantime, a belated Happy Canada Day to all :)

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