The Briefest of Brief Updates (Re CW and Anthologies)

So, re the (now successful) Clarion West fundraiser and the excerpts to be posted following meeting that goal, I may have misjudged how that would interact with the scheduling here at Clarion West.

I’m more or less swamped with things, so I think I’m going to end up pushing back posting the excerpts until I get home. (In the first couple of days of August. And I suspect that will fall right before I have to start in on the critiques rewards from the fundraisers – for which I will be getting in contact with everyone owed one; and again I’ll be doing so once I’m back from Clarion West.) Not exactly how I wanted to handle posting up the excerpts, but it’s looking more and more unavoidable at the moment.

Whereas having only having had a chance to glance at the submissions in the slush pile for This Patchwork Flesh thus far is exactly what I was expecting :)

Re that: Still too many non-Canadian subs on balance, so looking forward to seeing the Canadian sub numbers tick up down the road (they’re already doing so, just slowly). I’d also like to be doing detailed submissions updates for that book, or something close to what I was doing with the updates for Start a Revolution, but there just isn’t time enough for that yet. Should be able to start looking into things again and talking about them more ably in August. (So, basically, everything, ever, is happening in August….)

In the meantime, I will simply remind everyone that the final deadline for This Patchwork Flesh is August 31st.

I will also take a moment to note that I’m seeing a lot of US-based submissions, and that if you’re a non-Canadian submitting something for This Patchwork Flesh right now, you need to be writing tight and short to compete. This is generally true for an anthology call, but I’m looking at what I’ve got on hold right now, and how that fills out the book, and tighter, more compact pieces from non-Canadians are going to fare far better right now. I just don’t have the space to run more than a couple of stories from non-Canadian writers, given the content restrictions under which the book is being produced.

If anyone is stuck on what to do, I can’t offer you direct advice because I want to see as wide a range of things as possible, but I can point you in the direction of this post ( wherein I discuss the thematic and tonal representations of horror that I’m more likely to be drawn to in the slush pile, largely based in personal preference. And I will stress, right behind that, that my own preferences are only a portion of what will make up the final shape of the anthology, and that excellence of writing, regardless of tone or nature, is always what carries a story farthest with me.

And … I have now taken far more time away from everything else I need to get done than intended :)

Also, if any of you saw the accidentally posted in-progress version of this post that went up a few minutes ago (Hello little accidentally struck “Publish” button, and how are you today?) you should feel totally free to ignore that half-written post in favour of this one :p

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