Another Vaguely Stub-Like Update (Covering a Bunch of Things)

Am back from Clarion West. Many posts forthcoming on said topic, including promised excerpts. Also, still in the process of deciding what and how I talk about re that experience. It was glorious, brutal, and otherwise bears talking about.

But, for the time being, I’m trying to organize everything I owe people now I’m back, and catch up on e-mails. Blogging will be at a minimum, while I deal with what’s looking to be a very busy month.

In the meantime, everyone should absolutely keep sending in their stories for This Patchwork Flesh. (Deadline is August 31st.) I don’t have a post around the antho prepared right now, though I may get a chance to write one before the month is out. Usual advice re the book: write shorter, tighter, leaner.

Oh, also, I’m going to be jointly running (with Leah Bobet) a grant writing workshop out of Bakka Phoenix Books come Sunday, September 7th. The workshop will run from 1-3, and the details are forthcoming, as will be the link to the signup page (likely going to be through TicketLeap again, but Leah and I are working out the logistics for the moment). Hope to see a number of you there, since it promises to be immensely fun, and the workshop should give people enough time to prep their Canada Arts Council grant applications for October with everything they take away from the experience.

Also, in short story news, Fractured: Tales of the Canadian Post-Apocalypse is now out and available to purchase. Said anthology, edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, contains my story “Jenny of the Long Gauge.” It’s quite an interesting book, with a fair amount of variety to it. And it contains the work of a number of friends, so it’s definitely worth looking into. And I’ve had word of another anthology I’ve got a story in moving toward production shortly, so I’ll talk about that once things are firmed up.

Otherwise, hope everyone is doing well. And, yes, I’m available for contacting. For whatever reason. Responses may not come at lightning speed, but I’m here and looking after things again. And if anyone wants to catch up on what the hell is going on with me now that I’m back, I’m being fairly active on Facebook right now. So that’s an option. Otherwise, sit tight, and I’ll see you all again shortly :)

[Edited to Add:] WordPress informs me that it’s three years ago now that I set up this blog. So, I guess I should go seeking birthday cake to celebrate on the blog’s behalf? (Clearly, this is exactly what that means.) Which is fine because I like cake. But then I also like pie. So many decisions….

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