Updates, Sales, a This Patchwork Flesh Reminder, and Some Talk About The Humanity of Monsters

This month has been pretty much ridiculous in terms of deadlines, scheduling, and being head down in an awful lot of projects.

Consequently, I’ve had no real chance to talk about much on the blog. I still need to post some promised material following the Clarion West fundraiser, along with getting some other things done around here.

But as I’ve got final edit confirmation on my poem, “No Fixed Points in Space,” from the market that it sold to, I now feel comfortable announcing that that piece will appear in issue 11 of Stone Telling. Which makes me very happy as I’m inordinately fond of the market, and they run work from poets whose work I absolutely adore, so I’m looking forward to seeing who I get to share space with there.

But one of the main reasons I sat down to write this entry actually has to do with This Patchwork Flesh. Given everything else I’ve been trying to get done this month, I haven’t had a chance to talk publicly about the anthology, and offer people feedback and advice on what’s going on there. Part of that is just due to the anthology’s open call falling during, at least in part, the same period as my attending Clarion West. That was always going to affect my ability to devote as much time as I wanted to gearing up for the anthology, I just hadn’t realized quite how much that would be the case.

Anyway, we’re about five days away from the submissions window on that closing. Seen a fair amount of variety in terms of what’s coming in, and a spread of nationalities in the submissions queue. But, as ever, I could do with more Canadian submissions. No real requirements as to length right now; we’ll see how everything fits together as it goes. Still working my way through what’s in the pile, and I want to thank everyone who has submitted thus far. My responses for this one have been going out very slowly, and it’s a good thing I’m going to be able to take September to do part of that as there’s no way I’d manage that by the end of August.

The timing on that is further complicated by the fact that in addition to everything else I’m doing I’m currently working on some final round confirmations of involvement and a lot of contract back and forth for the reprint anthology I’ve been putting together in bits and pieces over the last couple of years.

Some of you have heard me talk about that project, in person mostly, and a little bit online. But given that most of the preparatory work on that is nearing completion, I feel I can start talking about it slightly more.

The short version is this: The Humanity of Monsters is an all reprint anthology that will be released through ChiZine Publications in November 2015. The lineup is absolutely stellar, international, includes a fair number of PoC authors, a hell of a lot of women, and roams all over the place in terms of genre. (Will put up the full ToC once everything is in place.) The anthology is focused around humane monsters, monstrous humans, and the interstices where those states meet and blur, pulling from stories that refuse simple definition.

It’s going to be ever so much fun :)

And I will talk about it further once everything is more firmly nailed down.

In the meantime, I need to dive back into the things I momentarily set aside to write this post. And I’ll catch up with everyone again when I’ve got a touch more time.

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