Bumping Up My Freelance Editing Rates

Hey all, just a quick note that I am bumping up the freelance editorial rates listed on the website. Been doing the equivalent of just above starvation wages for a while now in order to give people a break, but this is my primary income (along with government grants for the writing), so I can’t really do that anymore.

I’ve evened out the fiction and non-fiction rates (non-fiction was previously more expensive), and I’ve gone back to charging a per page (manuscript usage, so 250 words per page) rate for the editing, with most work costing $2/page, and proofreading at $1/page. The full rate structure (seriously, it’s not complicated) can be found on the Rates page of the Editing section.

Any agreements made at the old rates stand. But the new rates will be applied going forward.

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