Updates, and the Diversity in SF/F Roundtable at the Merril

Keep meaning to talk about things here, and always seem to be busier than I expect to during the course of a week. Wouldn’t mind being able to do that once a week blogging thing, but things are a little more erratic around here than that :)

Anyway, various updates:

On Saturday, September 27th, at 7:00 pm, in the basement auditorium of the Lillian H. Smith branch of the Toronto Public Library, the Friends of the Merril Collection will be hosting the Diversity in SF/F roundtable. The event is a wide-ranging roundtable about diversity in the Canadian and North American literary and speculative fiction field, inclusiveness, their various forms, and what works and what doesn’t.

The roundtable will be moderated by Léonicka Valcius, and the finalized list of panelists includes Charlotte Ashley, Leah Bobet, E.L. Chen, Malon Edwards, and Tonya Liburd.

The discussion is expected to range for up to two hours. The Friends had intended to have someone record the panel (ideally audio recording), but I’m not honestly sure we ever got that lined up. So if you’re attending and have the capacity to record the event, please get in touch with me here, or via e-mail (mathesonfreelancing@gmail.com).

Also, please note that the event is free, and all are welcome.

And in completely other news:

The results for the Toronto Arts Council Writers Grants have been released, and though my application was not approved, a number of people whose work I quite like and respect did have their applications approved, which is always cause to celebrate.

This is also where I get to pause and note that Judy Fong Bates was apparently one of the Level Two judges. So Judy Fong Bates read my sample material :D

About this I am also happy. As you may have noticed.

Still, I was hoping to potentially get some funds out of that so I could scale back the hours I work: been working eighteen hour days to make ends meet for … well, for ages, really. Which isn’t really a sustainable state of affairs, but you do what you have to do.

Still, the point of this digression is that much as I would like to be able to scale things back for the moment, I actually need to pick up more freelance editing work. I’ve got available slots in the queue, and I do fiction and non-fiction, so by all means either hop on over to the Editing page, or just feel free to spread the word that I’m available to take on additional clients.

Beyond that, there are other updates coming. At least one publication coming up shortly, which I will link to and blog about when it goes live. An update (possibly several) about This Patchwork Flesh (and Start a Revolution as well, actually) quite soon. And other things still in the works.

So there may well be quite a flurry of updates coming in the near future.

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