This Patchwork Flesh: Update 1

Wow, I was not aware that this was the first time I’d actually created an update post containing information that was solely concerning the This Patchwork Flesh anthology until I was putting this together. (Which should tell you how hectic thing have been around here for the last few months.)

In any case, I’m actually creating this update because I’m in the middle of putting together a grant application, and there’s no way I’m finishing that off and getting through all the responses for This Patchwork Flesh in the same two days. So I’m moving the final response date for This Patchwork Flesh submissions to the end of the week: October 4th.

And then I’ve got a couple of announcements/updates to make re the anthology once that’s done.

Thanks for being patient, all. It’s very much appreciated :)

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2 Responses to This Patchwork Flesh: Update 1

  1. Jesse E says:

    Does that mean you are still reading new submissions?

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