This Patchwork Flesh (Partial) Table of Contents and Re-Opening the Submissions Call

So, had a couple of interesting things happen with This Patchwork Flesh. There had been talk of moving the release date for the anthology back to Spring 2016 (it being originally slated for release in Fall 2015) at my suggestion, for prior reasons, and that decision timed out really well.

Every once in a while you get a surprisingly small batch of submissions for an anthology in an open call. That kind of happened with Start a Revolution, but mostly worked out okay because of the solicitations. Then it happened again with This Patchwork Flesh, this time somewhat more noticeably. Let me put this in terms of numbers:

Start a Revolution had 97 submissions, including solicits.

This Patchwork Flesh had 69.

An ordinary anthology open call, for a semi-pro or pro-rate anthology receives anywhere from 150 to 400 submissions. (Some receive a hell of a lot more, depending on subject matter, theme, and editor. Fearful Symmetries, for example, had almost 1,100 responses, for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which was that it was an Ellen Datlow anthology with an open call – that rare and elusive beast.)

Now, at this point I have a partial Table of Contents for This Patchwork Flesh, and it looks a little something like this (in alphabetical order, by author, since I don’t have a finalized story order yet, obviously):

HORNETS by Charlene Challenger
TEETH, TAPESTRIES by Alex Dally MacFarlane
CALDERA by Helen Marshall
A HUMAN STAIN by Kelly Robson

Their stories are fucking amazing by the way, so feel free to congratulate all of them on their inclusion in the book if and when you have a chance to do so.

Now, that list fills not quite half the book. And though I have two more writers who will be delivering stories for the book lined up, the fact that I do not have a complete ToC yet means that I am going to both solicit additional writers directly, and that I will be opening the submissions call again.

However, this is to be a limited submissions call. My allotments for non-Canadian content are filled (counting the one last non-Canadian author who will be providing a story, technically), so I can only look at Canadian-authored stories.

Also, I had originally thought to open the book back up to reprints only (I can take up to 8,000 words in reprint content for the book, and will be hunting reprints on my own, but will be happy to read same sent to me for consideration). But screw it, I’m open to reading new content again as well, noting that all submissions must be from Canadians currently paying taxes in Canada (the OMDC’s requirement for being considered Canadian in this context, and that is a firm consideration for what space remains in this anthology).

The revised deadline is March 31st. Same e-mail submission address as always for the QUILTBAG anthologies ( Same rules as to content. See the This Patchwork Flesh guidelines page for full details.

I’ll be announcing new additions to the table of contents as I accept work.

In the meantime, feel free to query as necessary, and by all means please spread this update far and wide. I’m especially interested to see more submissions from PoCs. There were a few in the submissions pile, that was awesome, and I am soliciting for same, but I would definitely like to see more, because I’d be much happier with wider representation of PoC writers when the final book is pulled together.

With that said and done, much luck to everyone who is going to submit to the re-opened deadline. Oh, and no more Frankenstein, Frankenstein-pastiche, or Frankenstein-adjacent narratives, kids. I didn’t take any for the book the first time round, and I’ll not be taking any this time round either.

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