Reading Like an Editor Workshop This Sunday, Nov. 9th

I’ve been busy enough in the last few days (well, weeks, really) that I haven’t yet had a chance to mention here the next workshop in the series of writing/editing/business thereof workshops that Leah Bobet and I are holding.

And now seems like a really good time to do so as the next workshop is happening on Nov. 9th.

Reading Like an Editor — Self-critique, the slushpile, and you!” is being held at Bakka Phoenix Books, tickets are $10, and the event will run from 1-3 pm. From the event page:

“If you want to grow your writing craft, read slush for a magazine!” — it’s a common piece of advice given to newer writers.  But how is editorial reading different, and what does it look like?  How do we take that knowledge back to our own work to make it shine?

Join authors and editors Michael Matheson and Leah Bobet for a two-hour practical workshop on critiquing your own work, using criticism effectively, and reading like an editor in order to push your craft to its best.  We’ll demonstrate how editorial reading works and try it out in a pressure-free, relaxed workshop-style format.

All attendees will receive a 10% discount coupon to be used toward purchases same day at Bakka-Phoenix Books.”

Though tickets are available through the link above, potential attendees are welcome to show up day of and pay cash to attend as well. We leave some leeway in the number of tickets we sell to allow for that.

Leah and I are also likely to be using our own work to demonstrate the self-critique process. So no attendees  (nor the pride thereof) will be harmed during the running of this workshop :)

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