An Upcoming Book Launch, and the Current State of Things

Yes, there is a book launch at which I will be reading coming up this week. Tomorrow (November 18th) in fact. Said book launch is for Fractured and Dead North and will be held at the Dora Keogh in Toronto. The doors open for food, talk, and drink at 6:15, and readings are set to start somewhere in the vicinity of 7:45. There’s a facebook event for the doings here.

I’ll be reading there along with Alyx Dellamonica, David Huebert, John Jantunen, Christine Ottoni, and Tessa Brown. And as I’ve got stories in both books, may read small snippets from both. We’ll see.

I shall be awake for the readings, though I’m currently exhausted. Why you ask?

Because it’s been a long motherfucking week.

The endless meetings (publishing industry related), Sunday’s workshop in the monthly series Leah Bobet and I run, CZP’s Fall Launch on Tuesday, the Friends of the Merril Collection Robin Hobb & Dan Falk readings on Thursday, working the CZP table at the Inspire Toronto International Book Fair this weekend, and working full time freelance around all that have put me behind on several things I need to get done this week. And my schedule this week is full of several more events (the dual book launch and the monthly ChiSeries among other things), in addition to the freelancing and publisher/anthology work that needs to get done.

So I’m taking a step back from social media this week (lessened presence — I use social media outreach to conduct business as well, so can’t step back entirely). In no small part because this post from Kameron Hurley, as always, puts in excellent terms the importance of getting the work done and necessity of focus. Especially in light of what her piece is addressing more directly, but in general terms as well.

I have a number of e-mails to address as well relating to the anti-harassment posts from Monday and Tuesday. If I still owe you a response, I’m not ignoring you, I’ve just been swamped with things to get to. The business e-mails (and the business e-mails related to that as well) have had to come first this week.

Also, frankly, if I comment on all the things I want to on social media right now, we’re going to end up with a fuckton of rants. I’ve deleted a lot of tangents from this post already to keep it focused and so I can actually finish the fucking thing and get back to all the other things I need to be doing.

Anyway, if you’re in town and available either tomorrow for the book launch or Wednesday (for the ChiSeries) I’ll be at both.

I suspect alcohol shall be called for after last week and the coming week. You’re all welcome to join me.

[Edit: A number of links didn’t work when this post went live. Have fixed them now.]

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2 Responses to An Upcoming Book Launch, and the Current State of Things

  1. alyxdellamonica says:

    I’m not one for having weighty conversations, or even starting them, at public things like ChiSeries–too much ambient noise, not enough time or space. Once you’ve dealt with the fuckton on your desk and we’re both less swamped, I’d welcome a chance to catch up FTF on some of this stuff.

    • Agreed, the ChiSeries, or even the launch, is going to be less than ideal for catching up on things, but we’ll figure out how to catch up on things in person. Will get in touch re that :)

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