Not Yet the Year in Review Post

I’ve been trying to post at least once every couple of weeks on this blog throughout the year. Once every week if I can manage it. That’s worked out on and off. Though December, for a number of reasons, got away from me. Some work related (christ, but this month was busy), some personal (more than a few Twitter rants and other general fuck this noise moments online). And the fact that I can lock down my facebook account to friends only, so I have a tendency to post vastly more there — that option being far more comfortable than posting some things on this (very) public blog.

There are good reasons I don’t post many terribly personal things on here.

And December was a time for a number of personal things. Spending time with people I care about, in various capacities. Arguments. Quiet conversations. Quiet disconnections. Quiet victories. A time for taking on projects, and walking away from others.

A month of relying on a good, slightly distributed support network. And some things I will not mention here.

December and I rarely get along.

And, again, the personal things (some of them, anyway), get talked about on facebook. When they do at all. Because though my facebook account is also a place of business from time to time, the blog is much more actively a place from which I discuss writing and editing related things.

Speaking to that last point, I will, come the New Year (as I just don’t have time to do this right now), post up recommendations of 2014 content, and a 2014 “Year in Writing” style post.

Covering all the bases really.

As you do.

For now, I will wish everyone a Happy New Year slightly ahead of time as I’m head down in various projects and just trying to finish some things before the year ends. Not sure if I’ll be on here again before next year. Other platforms, probably. So I suppose I’ll see people there.

In the meantime, you can get a feel for much of my December through the track I have been working to for much of today:

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