The Pre-Update on Upcoming Projects and Anthologies

No, but seriously, this is the post before the actual update post, which is in the works.

The blog’s a little quiet right now because there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes, and I’m busy with a whack of different projects. (As ever.) Including some long-standing things that should have been cleared up before the end of last year that are seemingly minor, but just keep getting pushed aside temporarily so I can deal with the next emergency that comes to the fore. (To the several people owed those last couple of things, yes, they’re coming. Before the end of the month at this rate. But at least that’s something.)

This is in no small part because the tail end of last year saw some … let us say interesting … things happen. Some more immediate than others. And of variable magnitude. This in a year with a lot of problematic shit cropping up on multiple fronts.

You may recall that last year I spent a fair amount of my time yelling at people to come join the rest of us in the actual world — you know, the one where harassment (of any stripe) is not fucking acceptable. A course of action (the highlighting of these things and telling you who I’m not interacting with because of these issues) that is going to continue on my part.

And I should note that some of the other things that happened last were far, far less public. Some of which I will be talking about going forward.

But right now, I’m putting this update here to let everyone know that there are anthology updates coming, either on the 15th or 17th. Would prefer to do so nearer the middle of the month, but news on a Sunday sinks like a stone with precious little ripple, so I’m debating holing off until the Tuesday instead.

A slow way to start the year, but it’s always like this around here, isn’t it? With all the actual work going on without much public comment and just being presented when done. And depending on how things time out I may actually end up posting the lengthy Recommendations post before the coming updates.

Anyway, news and updates coming in a week or a little more.

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