Start a Revolution Kickstarter Scheduling Update

Though I’d originally planned to do the Kickstarter/fundraiser (we’ll see which platform that ends up on) for Start a Revolution over a two month period, I’m going to pull that back to one month. The fundraising campaign is now going to run from May 15th – June 15th.

Tightening the scheduling on that for a couple of reasons. Partly because I was looking at the time I have between now and April 15th (when the fundraising was originally going to start), and between all the other projects I need to complete, and the material for the Kickstarter itself, things won’t be ready by mid-April. Also, there is something to be said for running a shorter Kickstarter in terms of less stress for the person actually running it, and the sense of immediacy a shorter campaign lends.

It also means I can spend less time having to run around linking the Kickstarter and sounding off on it constantly. Which also works out better for all the other projects going on around here.

(Like, say, The Humanity of Monsters, which is with layout and its cover is in the works. So I’m hoping to be able to share the cover for that one very soon.)

Otherwise, things are much as they were. More details when they’re settled on.

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