Ad Astra 2015 Schedule!

We’re about three weeks out from Ad Astra 2015 and the finalized schedules have been released to panelists, and thus I share mine with all and sundry:

Friday, April 10th

10:00 am Climbing Out of the Slush Pile (Workshop – Register here)

Note: There’s a discount for con attendees. And attending the workshop will get you a discount on a con membership if you decide to pick one up after. See the reg page linked above.

A mix of publishing industry gab (bring any and all questions), short story/novel market practices, and direct critique of submitted work. Come with questions and prepared to talk. The discussion will be tailored to the submitted work and discussion generated organically during the workshop.

11:00 pm – 12:00 am Late Night Slash Fiction Readings

Panelists: Michael Matheson, Leah Bobet, Angela Keeley, Simon McNeil, Adam Shaftoe, Kris Ramsey, Beverly Bambury, Kari Maaren, Marie Bilodeau, David Blackwood (Other panelists welcome. Trying to get enough people together to do a run of The Skinhead Hamlet. If interested, get in touch with me before the con.)

Note: The end time on this panel is an approximation. This one goes as long as the panelists and the audience feel like running it. As with last year, those who wish to bring refreshments to the panel should absolutely do so. (Some will be  provided by yours truly.) All readings will ideally be no more than 500 words. (It’s good in theory, we’ll see how that holds up.)

Late Night 18+ Slash Fiction reading – exactly what it says. BYO Fiction, brain bleach and sense of humour. Viewer discretion is 200% advised.

Saturday, April 11th

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm New Weird, Spec Fic, and Uncanny Literature

Panelists: Michael Matheson, Gemma Files, Sandra Kasturi, Simon McNeil

Sometimes straight up Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror just doesn’t cut it. Lets take it a step further and talk about New Weird, Speculative Fiction, and the Uncanny.

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Why Are We Fighting the Same War? Inclusiveness from 1970 to Now

Panelists: Michael Matheson, Gemma Files, James Nicoll, Timothy Carter

Why Are We Fighting the Same War over inclusiveness in spec fic that we fought in the 1970s?

11:00 pm – 2:00 am Late Night Bad Fiction Reading

Panelists: Michael Matheson, Angela Keeley, Erik Buchanan, Matt Moore, Simon McNeil

An 18+ late evening event that lasts until everyone’s ears are bleeding or the readers simply can’t go on.

Sunday, April 12th

Fuck paneling on Sunday. I’m going to other people’s panels/events on the final day of the con :p

Tickets to Ad Astra are still available. If you want to sign up for the workshop listed above, do so sooner than later as the number of slots is limited. Do not be put off by the fact that that workshop is at 10 in the morning. We shall all be groggy and irreverent together :D

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