Further The Humanity of Monsters Updates (And Pre-Orders Now Possible)

So I am currently at a convention and thus am focused on other things. But I was reminded of one of the two things I am noting below this morning, so since things are piling up around The Humanity of Monsters, this seems like an excellent moment to point these out:

One, the anthology’s table of contents was posted on SF Signal. (I knew this a couple of days ago and just keep forgetting to mention it here.) And let us all just take a moment to absorb that. Because I’m still in the “Wait, this is a real book?” stage of things. Also, though I didn’t notice a link SF Signal had put up (again, at a con, and spent most of the week deep in freelance edits and involved in the runup to the con), but thankfully other people did notice this, and have started talking about the fact that:

Two, you can pre-order the paperback edition of the anthology through Amazon.com.

I would talk more about that, but, again, still stuck on “Wait, this is a real book?”

I’m sure it’ll settle in eventually ;)

In the meantime, I’m going to go prepare for some panelling. Which I am totally not asleep for. Nope. Totally awake. (Some of us were up until the wee hours the day before following running a con workshop at 10 in the morning, and then a slash fiction reading panel at 11 pm.)

Oh, and by all means, spread the word about THoM far and wide. I know I’ll be having a good time doing so :)

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