Ad Astra 2015 Follow-Up

So I’m back from Ad Astra (the con finished yesterday), all over the place in terms of work and deadlines right now, and still just unbelievably tired in the most excellent of ways because that was a fantastically run con, and extremely full of people and things I was delighted to see. While I was at the con it was easy to stay energized, but now that I’m back I’m just crashed out for a little bit before I launch into the next round of things that need doing here.

This despite purposefully not setting as full a schedule as some (only had the workshop and the four panels) because I knew I was going in already tired given the last few weeks. (Well, months, really.) Essentially, despite sleep deprivation (there and prior) and being busy as fuck going in, that was an amazingly enjoyable experience full of awesome people, getting to see friends who came in for the con, and being on and auditing some extremely enjoyable panels. Serious kudos to all of the programming team and the con volunteers (with a special shout out to Angela Keeley for a laundry list of reasons too long to go into here, and Kelly Moore), my fellow panelists, and some deeply engaged audiences, as well as a fantastic group of workshop participants.

That workshop was a hell of a way to start the con, and I sat in on one other which came together at a level most workshops don’t hit and that was amazing to see. From what I’ve heard of the literary track of workshops on the Friday of the con as a whole they all went extremely well, which is pretty awesome for the first year of Ad Astra doing a workshop track. And following that workshop the rest of my weekend was spent talking or listening to decidedly smart people discuss things. Including some deeply fascinating and quite lengthy late-night discussions with friends I see much too seldom. Also, my apologies to anyone who was looking to see me on my last panel of the weekend: I skipped it to attend to something personal that cropped up on my way there. Though I hear that panel went well anyway, for which I’m quite glad.

I don’t really do a full rundown of my con attendances — I like reading other people’s, I just often don’t have time to write my own and when I do they’re scattered and a little vague as with this one — but that was an excellent weekend overall, and I’m fast running out of superlatives to ascribe to it :D

Looking forward immensely to the next year’s doings while I wind down here for a bit.

Actually, just thinking about the amount of work that I was doing in the runup to the con, and things I was looking after while the con itself was on, it occurs to me there’s an announcement I didn’t even have a chance to make last week. But I want to give that its own post, so I’ll write that up momentarily.

In the meantime, another thank you to all of you who helped perpetrate a most thoroughly enjoyable weekend. I don’t see many of you as often as I should like. I shall need to find ways to rectify that :)

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