One Month to Go Until the Start a Revolution Fundraiser Launches

We’re now midway through April (where the hell did the first half of the month go?), and a month away from the launch of the Start a Revolution Kickstarter.

I’m in the process of nailing down backer rewards (looks like copies of additional books, some service-based intangibles, and possibly more at this point), finalizing costs, doing back end work, and basically making sure I don’t drive myself over the edge trying to run this thing.

Things are actually looking quite good at the moment, though I’m going to be deliberately vague for a little bit about what specifically you can expect around the Kickstarter. Beyond awesome content and some excellent rewards, of course :)

This project has been what feels like an inordinately long time in the making at this point. (Though The Humanity of Monsters had a longer genesis overall, so the production cycle of each anthology I put together is apparently getting shorter?) And there’s still a ways to go yet, but I’m looking forward to being able to talk more about the current incarnation of this anthology, getting a chance to reveal the gorgeous cover (a finalized version of that too is in the works and should be ready to reveal when the Kickstarter launches) and go out and actually bring this project before the community and do this together.

It’s somehow incredibly fitting that a book about revolutions (personal and societal) and social movements should be put together by grassroots crowdfunding. Funny how these things end up working out, isn’t it?

In any case, barring unforeseen acts of nature the fundraiser for Start a Revolution should go live come May 15th. I may tease some things ahead of time between now and then, but mostly I’ll be busy setting everything up, freelancing, and pulling together some commissioned work.

And of course talking about other ongoing projects around here. Some you already know about. Others in the works.

Okay, yeah, I’m a horrible tease :D

Nevertheless, keep an eye out for more news as it crops up. And I’ll try not to spam everyone around this as I go.

Though you’re all welcome to spread the word that this is, indeed, coming down the pipeline :)

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