I’ll Be Lecturing at the 2015 ACCSFF

I’ve been nose down in some work over the last few days and so hadn’t yet had a chance to post this news until now:

The preliminary schedule for the 2015 Academic Conference on Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy is live. The event itself to be held over June 5th and 6th, featuring guests of honour Hiromi Goto and Sheryl Vint. And I will be presenting a lecture again this year :D

For my 2015 talk I’ll be presenting a paper on the Saturday: “Canada Welcomes the World: Canadian Spec Fic Mags as a Home for International, Diverse Content.” I’m going to be talking about how specific Canadian surrealist, fabulist, and weird fiction venues create space for international, underrepresented, and disenfranchised writers of international origin to enter the conversation, by methods including running diverse and international content, encouraging diverse calls for submissions, and by creating space for a larger, more inclusive conversation. Specifically, I’ll be using Ideomancer, Lackington’sShadows & Tall Trees, and Unlikely Story as central to my discussion. I’m sticking specifically to fiction venues for this exercise or I’d be discussing Goblin Fruit as well.

Amusingly, I’m the subversive presenter in the closing Saturday section of papers, “Session V: Nationalism and Native-Canadian Science Fiction,” since both I and that paper are anything but nationalist :)

Speaking to my paper, academic subversion, and all the other papers and talks to be heard, this year promises to be an immensely fun event. There’s general information about registration costs, the programming, and other related material on the ACCSFF website.

I look forward to seeing and talking with all of you in attendance. And for the rest, I’ll actually be writing a physical paper this time rather than winging my talk (as I usually do), and may end up posting it online. We shall see. In the meantime, feel free to spread the word about the event.

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2 Responses to I’ll Be Lecturing at the 2015 ACCSFF

  1. Best of luck with the lecture and the presenting!

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