Start a Revolution Crowdfunding Delay and Need for Additional Freelance Clients

Posting this now (in the early morning locally because it’s the time I have to write it today) and will signal boost this again later in the day.

Have hit a somewhat immediate demand for additional funds to cover unforeseen costs over the next few months. So having to do two things around that:

First, I’m pushing back the start date of the IndieGoGo for Start a Revolution to June 15th (from May 15th.) The IndieGoGo will still be one month, and the campaign will finish July 15th. In my current situation, I don’t have the focus to give the crowdfunding right now.

Second, while I’m looking at other avenues for raising funds quickly, I am available to take on additional freelance clients over the coming months. And now very much need to. I’ve got slots coming up to take on additional clients as soon as May 24th.

My Rates can be found here. (Quick breakdown is $2/page for substantive and line editing, $1/page for proofreading.) Fiction and non-fiction projects are welcome. You can get in touch with me at “”

I would also ask that anyone able and/or so inclined please spread the word on this. Need as much signal on the call for freelance work as possible right now.

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