Editorial Freelancing Rate Increase Coming in July

Like it says on the tin: Come July I’m raising my editorial freelancing rates to $3/page for Substantive/Developmental Editing & Line Editing, and $2/page for Proofreading. The fee for a standalone Critical Assessment rate will also rise to $250. (That’s an increase of a $1/page across the board for editing, and an increase of $50 for the Critical Assessments. A full listing of current Rates can be found here.) This will apply to both fiction and non-fiction commissions.

I’ve been holding off doing this for a while, largely because I prefer to be able to offer inexpensive editorial services to people who need them. But the current rate just isn’t feasible on my end anymore, and I have to move it closer to the industry standard to account for cost of living and base expenses at this point. Technically, I should probably be raising the rate to $4/page for Substantive/Developmental Editing & Line Editing, and I may at some point down the line have to, but I really don’t want to set it that (comparatively) high at this point. (The prospect of doubling one’s rates feels very strange.)

The decision to raise the rates also comes from some financial upheaval coming in the next couple of months that I need to get ahead of. I’m not talking about that publicly right now, but I may. It also comes from the fact that I frequently work on manuscripts coming close to 200,000 words, and those require a much larger investment of my time, so I’m accounting for that as well.

Note: Anyone for whom I start a job in June (I’ve got some client work scheduled to run through June/July, but still have room to schedule additional jobs starting in June) gets the current rate. The application of the new rate won’t take effect until July 1st, so by all means, if you have editorial work to approach me about, now is an excellent time.

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