An Update on the Ridiculous Number of Things Going on Around Here

Hello fellow peoples of the internet! How go your lives? Good? Excellent! (If not, that’s bullshit, and I will totally come help you fight the fuckers making your lives miserable. Provided you live within TTC distance of me.)

So I am feeling a little slammed with things at the moment. Yes, there are a couple of editing projects on the go around here at the moment, but they’re not what I’m referring to. And I’ve certainly got slots for more editing projects right now. (Again, anyone who wants to take advantage of the current editorial rates before they go up in July should do so now.)

No. See, I am gearing up to move. And apartment hunting. And working on those couple of long form fiction edits. And trying to get my Toronto Arts Council grant application in order. (Deadline is June 15th for those of you Torontonians who just perked up at the mention of available literary grants. Get started here if you’re not already working on that.) And I was going to be starting training today for a full time job this week that … well, the job didn’t happen. (The why of which is a story for those who know me closely.) And that last thing happening — or I guess not happening — just clinched a couple of decisions that I’ve been waffling on for ages.

First, I am opening up my editorial schedule to academic projects again. (Have been focusing primarily on fiction/non-fiction the last couple of years.) Mainly theses/dissertations, though I will take on other academic work if I’m capable of doing the proposed project. The rate for thesis work is a flat $2,000.00. (I’ve updated the Rates page to reflect this.) This because the turnaround time on a thesis project is not my usual two weeks for fiction/non-fiction, but usually runs four weeks (occasionally longer), so I have a higher investment of time per project. Any other academic work is charged at a variable rate, depending on the nature of the project and other factors. Feel free to query (use the Contact page) to discuss non-thesis academic projects and get a quote.

Second, I’m going to finally start the damn Patreon short stories project I keep thinking about and never get around to because there’s always something else to do first. But because of everything else going on, I’m not writing new fiction right now, I’m just working on revising current work. I need the kick in the ass to get going again, so a monthly production schedule for fiction it is! Also, this will enable me to buy additional food. Hurray for food! I like food. Also not starving. And, I mean, hey, if that goes high enough maybe it even starts paying bills? Hell, I don’t know. I’m making this shit up as I go along.

Actually, the Patreon project has been in planning stages for a while, and I might … maybe … have a small stockpile of things to work from there as well, giving myself a bit of lead time on this project. It also gives me the opportunity to roll out what I’m thinking of as B-sides. Stories written in the last couple of years that never sold because they were broken, but that had something to them, even if they didn’t actually work. Beautiful failures, if you will. Also maybe some stories that are slated for publication that patrons will get an early look at.

Yes, I’ve been thinking about how I would do this for a while. For the record, this Patreon project is a thing I would have started earlier this year had I not been suddenly hit with needing to do crowdfunding for a certain anthology that suddenly found itself homeless late last December.

And speaking to the Start a Revolution fundraiser, there’s still some things in the works with that. Will be talking about that again closer to the starting date on the 15th. Like everything else right now, some stuff is still up in the air with that project.

And for those keeping score, I am still doing reviews on the site. They’re just taking a backseat. (Though there is one anthology — an excellent one, actually — that I’m trying to finish around everything else so I can review it here on the site. Yes, it’s the Choose Wisely anthology I’ve been trying to get to for a while. Yes, you could always just buy a copy of it instead of waiting on my review. It’s well worth buying.) Not least of all because I do review for a professional publication (though anonymously, so I don’t link to those nor claim them publicly), so those reviews take precedence.

So, yeah. Busy. And looking for more work to help the financial situation around here.

And, I mean, god, I would kill for some work-for-hire or tie-in work right now.

Well, not literally.

*shifty eyes*

You know what I mean. But, no, seriously, I would totally sink my teeth into that right now. (Yes, I’m aware there are requirements on doing tie-in work. Let me have my pipe dream.)

Anyway, if everyone can please share this far and wide I’d totally appreciate it. Trying to move while working for oneself as a freelancer is difficult enough (hence why I was trying to start full time work). Doing that while trying to maintain enough funds to actually move? Yeah, I could do with some help here.

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