Patreon Short Stories Project is Now Live!

As mentioned in the last post, I have been putting a Patreon account together. That Patreon account is now live! If slightly bare bones.

Which means I finally have the (much needed) impetus of a monthly deadline for creating new short fiction. And … well, there’s more information on what exactly is going on with the Patreon at that link. But long story short, I’m going to be posting one piece of fiction a month, on the 15th of the month. That’ll be new work (the point of the exercise) once there is some, and a rotating schedule of publishable but not yet placed work and B-sides in the meantime.

Because I’m working on a monthly rotation for that Patreon account, whatever anyone can donate is fantastic. As is just spreading the word.

Producing one piece of content a month also means any Patrons get charged just once every month. And the amounts can be whatever you want to set them at per month. Can be as little as $1, $3, $5, or something larger if you’re feeling generous. Whatever works best for you.

Right now being a Patron means access to the work itself that I’m posting. Since the project is meant to be an impetus for me to write new fiction again, that’s where the focus is. If it’s feasible to offer some kind of additional rewards down the line, I will.

In the meantime, have a look at the Patreon page if you’re so inclined, and any help spreading the word is, as always, deeply appreciated :)

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