First Patreon Short Story Post is Live!

It’s true. The first short story post over at my Patreon account has gone live. I had planned to start things off with a piece from the publishable, but as yet unpublished side of the stockpile I’ve got set by while I get back to writing new work. But I’d quite entirely forgotten that many markets consider work posted to a Patreon account (locked or otherwise) as having seen its first publication. This being poor timing since the first piece I was going to put up is actually on submission right now. And so the first piece to go up is actually one of the B-sides.

Given that the stories going up are locked to patrons-only, there’s not much more I can really share around it without defeating the whole purpose of having patron-only posts, is there?

However, since one of the reasons I set up this Patreon, aside from the kick in the ass to get back to writing new short stories, was to see what that system’s like and play around in it, I will be talking about what I find works and doesn’t as I go along. For example, I posted the first story directly into the post I put live this afternoon. It’s either that or upload an attachment, and I’m undecided which I prefer at this point. So we’ll see how that goes. Might try doing an attachment next time. Might not. Depends on the feedback, really.

Anyway, the Patreon account seems to be starting well thus far. At least as far as I’m concerned. And we’ll see what’s what going forward.

Anyone interested in supporting the project, or just wandering over and seeing what that looks like, can find my Patreon account here :)

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2 Responses to First Patreon Short Story Post is Live!

  1. Best of luck with the writing and the Patreon campaign!

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