Amendments to Con Appearances (or Not) for 2015

Have been looking at my finances given the moving and what’s already come up this year in terms of financial expenditures, expected and unexpected. And while I’d planned to attend World Fantasy, and hoped very much to be able to go to Readercon, I’m not going to be making it to either con this year.

I’ve already cancelled my World Fantasy membership, so someone on the waiting list will get the benefit of that. And I hadn’t actually registered for Readercon this year. So that’s done. Will miss seeing the many of you I would have gotten together with at both events, and the many of you I would finally have been able to meet in person. And it’s been ages since I’ve been down to New York state. But it looks like that’s for another time. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to head down for one of the monthly KGB readings. Who knows.

And we shall see what next year’s con schedule brings. At this point the only convention I’m fairly certain I’ll be attending in 2016 is Ad Astra. Beyond that, we shall have to see.

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