The Humanity of Monsters Anthology Pre-Order Reminder

So it’s Saturday night and I’m just sitting here working. The summer here is lovely, the sun fading low in the sky as twilight approaches. And I am reminded that it’s been a while since I pointed out that THE HUMANITY OF MONSTERS anthology, which comes out from ChiZine Publications in September, is still available for pre-order from Amazon.

I’m quite proud of that book for all kinds of reasons. But, really, it’s the contents you want it for. That book gathers 26 truly extraordinary stories, from a variety of voices. Some established, others just getting their start. And the chorus they raise is something else. Yes, I know, I’m biased. So be it. I stand by that book.

I bloody well better. My name being on the cover and all :p

Anyway, September is coming up fast. And copies of the book will be out in the world soon enough. But if you want to snag a pre-order in the meantime, please do. Always good to see support for the book in advance of release.

And as always, any help spreading the word is vastly appreciated :)

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