And the Months Roll By (Or July Seems to Be, Anyway)

Seriously, where the hell did that half of July go?

Christ, this month is moving fast. Mind you, I’ve spent most of it deep in edits, writing reviews, apartment hunting, in moving prep, house/catsitting, and running around like the proverbial decapitated chicken. (It’s been a long couple of weeks.)

In the middle of all the madness, a couple of updates:

Holy crap could I do with some more freelance editing work — and I have slots available! Rates right here. Costs around moving are always high, but depending on what happens (and there are a lot of possible options about what happens come the end of this month), I may have to move thing into storage which means additional costs. This move happened fast, before I’d had time to stockpile funds the way I normally do while gearing up for a move. So I’m trying to get my hands on all the money I can in advance of the coming move. If anyone needs freelance work done (I do editing and writing across the board, so whatever it is you need give me a shout and I’ll get you an answer if there isn’t a rate already listed), you can either write to or use the Contact form to get in to touch with me.

In regard to the above, because this website is split between my personal stuff, the anthology work, and the freelancing, I’m setting up another website just for the editing. Should have that going in the next couple of days. At which point I will link to it, and move some things around here.

I’m still Patreoning! The second post for this went live today. What did I post today? You’ll have to become a Patron to find out :p

I know, I went there. I will tell you that today’s Patreon post is new work, and it’s an excerpt from something. I’m just not telling you what it’s an excerpt from. Though, despite being obviously biased, I think it’s worth reading :)

On that note, I’m out. There’s a lot more in the works. Some things I’ll be updating in the next couple of days. Others that are for a bit more down the line. Suffice to say that life is stupidly busy around here. Though, earnestly, now is the time to bug me about freelance work if you have some that needs doing. I’m lighter than I’d like to be on jobs in August, in addition to trying to pull together more funds to help with the moving.

As always, any help spreading the word is deeply appreciated.

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