New Freelancing Website and a Story Update

Over the last few days I’ve been spending some time building a dedicated freelancing website and moving the freelancing material off this one. The new website can be found here: Matheson Freelancing.

Part of the reason to do that is that while I’ve had the freelancing services listed on here they’ve been focused on editing, and I’m opening up my services more publicly to copywriting and ghostwriting again as well. Also I like the effect of having this website be more directly a blog and partially an author website dedicated to my own work — both the fiction and the anthology work.

Sometimes it’s also just nice to present a more professional front, and the freelancing components of this site have been pretty low key. As is the general nature of this website. Any and all feedback on the reorganisation is welcome. And as always I’m seeking new clients and more freelance work. The apartment hunting and moving prep goes ever on, so every job helps at this point.

And on other fronts not related to moving or freelancing, I had word the other day that a story I sold back in 2012, “Against a Sea of Brilliant White,” which will appear in Scott David Aniolowski’s Mark of the Beast anthology, is almost out in the wild. The anthology is apparently set to be released in August. No firm date for that yet, but the month at least has finally been nailed down.

I have … thoughts around that story. 2012 was an interesting time in the life of my writing thus far. Still my best year for story sales. By a fair stretch. But some of those stories hold up, and some of them don’t. I got more methodical as I went on, more careful as a writer. More willing to rip things apart and start from scratch when something didn’t say what I wanted it to say. I can’t decide where along that divide “Against a Sea of Brilliant White” falls. And I’m too close to it to know for sure.

Consequently, I’ll be very curious to see what people make of that story.

In the meantime, I’ve updated the Bibliography page, and will share any additional information on the book as it comes in.

And, hey, new (in publication terms, anyway) story soon to be out in the world, and a new website. The all but staggering amount of ongoing work on this end isn’t always visible, but sometimes you get some very tangible things out of it :)

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