The State of the World (Around Here), Late July 2015 Edition

As a couple of people reading this (the ones who have been helping set things up) already know, come August 1st I’m putting my things in storage and starting a month of house sitting and couch surfing while I continue to look for a new place for September.

As I’ve mentioned here and elsewhere, I’ve been apartment hunting for a couple of months now. And while I love my native city, Toronto is a fucking expensive place to live, competition for residences is fierce, and trying to secure a place as a freelancer is … complicated. Not impossible. I’ve done it before, but it makes renting harder in this city.

Witness the fact that over two months I’ve contacted 63 landlords and been to 22 apartment viewings. Come close a few times, but had things fall through for various reasons.

All of which is to preamble the fact that if anyone is planning on mailing something to me, there is mail forwarding set up, so go right ahead and send those standard letters. If anyone is sending a package my way, please e-mail me first ( for the address I’m using as a mail drop. Canada Post’s mail forwarding service only accounts for standard mail, I’m afraid.

Incidentally, as I know I’ve been slow to respond to e-mails — of which there are a lot sitting in my inbox(es) right now — lately, the flurry of work around the residence upheaval and everything that comes with is why. Not to worry, an answer is coming for everything waiting on one. It just may come a little slowly right now :)

In other news, the packing has meant that I’m behind on reviews and any number of other things. Speaking to reviews I won’t be getting to right now, though I’d very much like to, just go out and buy copies of H.L. Nelson & Joanne Merriam’s Choose Wisely anthology, and Daniel José Older’s Shadowshaper. They are both exceptional books, in entirely different ways. And both well worth purchasing. I will go into detail down the road when I finally get around to reviewing things on the blog here again. Which will come after the paid review work I need to finish first.

In still other news — and in keeping with the idea of talking about all the things going on around here — I’ve been looking over layout workups for The Humanity of Monsters anthology, and that is going to be an absolutely beautiful book. You can still place pre-orders for it here. Yes, the release date is still wrong, and the book is still coming out on September 15th. The important thing is that means that we all only have to wait a month and a half to get our copies.

Having also been re-reading the book while looking over the layout, it is absolutely worth the wait :)

Last but not least — for now — despite the fact of the moving, the apartment hunting, the couch surfing, and the house sitting, I am still open to take on new freelancing work. Anyone interested can go visit the (really still rather) new freelancing website I set up over at Wherein I relocated all the freelance editing information from the website here, and finally added in the information around freelance copywriting and ghostwriting. The latter being things I have done less of the last few years, but am still open to doing upon request.

That said, I’m off to go do more packing and editorial work.

And possibly collapse at some point.

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