Post-Move Update

Following a mix of being stupidly busy with the moving-things-into-storage and then the necessary downtime to recover, I’m back to editing various projects. This includes some freelance work, as well as layout proofs for The Humanity of Monsters. (Out September 15th, still available for pre-order from here.) I’ve done a number of layout and proofread edits one way or another, but there’s something far more satisfying about proofing the layout of a book you compiled and worked for years to see in print. Something very satisfying indeed :)

In other news, now that the 2015 Clarion West Write-a-thon is over I’m looking at my goals and realizing that I mostly met them. I did end up having a chance to go back and revise the novella that I’ve been working on for a couple of years now – a novella I’ve posted an earlier excerpt from before here on the website, back when I thought it was still going to be a novel. That novella’s been in submission briefly here and there, and the editorial feedback tells me there’s more to fix, so more work to do with that. Though it’s nice to be at a place with it where I feel most of the core component of what it’s doing is working, or nearly so. Especially after so long working with it.

And though I’d intended to write new fiction during the Write-a-thon, I ended up taking a short story of mine that didn’t quite work yet (most of my work is in that state for a fair bit) and tinkering with it. Said story is also out on submission at the moment, and we’ll see what comes of that one. I’m quite fond of that piece as well, actually. And more and more I realize I’m just writing Weird and Surrealist fiction, and leaving formalized structure and narrative progression aside. Not entirely well enough yet for what I’d like to do with my work (aiming high and not always quite getting there), but it’s a learning process.

But the Clarion West Write-a-thon was not the only thing I was working on during July:

Now that the contract has been signed and the inclusion is posted online, I feel comfortable announcing that I have an essay in the forthcoming Queers Destroy Horror! special issue of Nightmare Magazine. The shortened title of the essay is at the link, and it’s full title is “Effecting Change and Subversion Through Slush Pile Politics.” I’ll be quite interested to see the reactions to that one….

The Queers Destroy Horror! special issue will be released October 1st. And I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to have work in an issue of Nightmare. Not least of all because I’m in excellent company in that issue. (Scroll through the names in the partial ToC at the link above. I mean, holy crap!) But also because I’ve been trying to sell a story to Nightmare since 2012. Yes, technically I made it into the mag with non-fiction first. But it’s a start. And one I’ll happily take :)

And will now just go back to trying to sell fiction to Nightmare, along with all the other bucket list publications I’m still working on cracking ;)

There’s more in the works around here at the moment, but that’s enough for one update. And as I still have proofing to get back to, I’m off to do that.

Will post new updates as they become available. As ever.

[Edited to add: Apparently this blog is now four years old. I’d totally forgotten I started it in August, back in 2011. Hell, if WordPress hadn’t let me know, I probably wouldn’t even have realized for another week or so. Christ but time flies, right?]

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