Story Sale to Pac’N Heat

The contributor’s list for Pac’N Heat went live yesterday, but I spent the better part of yesterday out and so haven’t had a chance to post about this until now:

My story “All Them Empty Alleys” will appear in A.G. Pasquella and Terri Favro’s Pac’n Heat, a chapbook of Ms. Pac-Man noir-themed stories and poems. My story’s in fine company, alongside a host of other excellent contributors. The chapbook doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet, but I gather (from the information at the link) that the book might be out as early as Spring 2016.

Though any of you who were at this year’s Late Night Slash Fiction Readings panel at Ad Astra have already heard the pre-edit version of this piece in all its glorious madness :)

And as those of you who were there that raucous April night to hear me read this story of a dead city, haints and reaps, dolls and private dicks, can attest, the story’s is just a little on the ludicrous side. Really, who would want it otherwise, with a call like this one? And the story was written specifically for the chapbook call. Because when A.G. first posted about this project online I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put something together for this. I love noir fiction but never seem to write it, and the concept was just too bizarre and too perfect not to try.

It’s also one of those rare instances where I wrote flash fiction that actually works. Flash not being my strong suit. So I consider this piece a win on multiple counts. And soon enough it’ll be out in the world and available to read :)

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