The Humanity of Monsters Mention in Library Journal

Yesterday, in Eric Norton’s “A Genre Takes Flight” article in Library Journal, I, alongside a huge host of other writers, publishers, and editors, got shout-outs in the publication. It’s my first shout-out from Library Journal, which is pretty awesome! (Note how casually — and hopefully — I just slid “first” in there.) More specifically, I and The Humanity of Monsters got a shout-out. From the Library Journal.

And that would be one more item off the bucket list. Well, the proverbial one, anyway. Never actually compiled a bucket list.

Anyway, the point being, that you can go read the article at the link above. And that it’s lovely to see the anthology getting some mention.

Yeah, there’s the thing I’m a little worried about cropping up in that one sentence shout-out: The article simplifies the book’s themes and aims.

I’m also never quite sure how to feel when The Humanity of Monsters is lumped in with horror books as well. A lot of horror content in it, yes. One way or another. But that book is made up of a fairly wide-ranging amount of material. And more and more I suspect that people picking it up looking for straight horror (see what I did there? :D ) are going to find a book rather different from the one they expect.

Technically, I also have a number of thoughts as to the content of the article as well. Specifically as regards some unexamined discussions with publishers and their representatives; raising the Sad Puppies discourse but not examining that, especially given some of the names and companies brought up in the article; and the broad approach to and treatment of speculative fiction as a genre unto itself, with subgenres feeding into it, which is a misreading of the literary landscape as a larger whole.

But then I remember that that article is meant as an overview, and to get people excited for a whole host of books coming out, and get some attention for people well deserving of some promotion. So I’m just going to forego dissecting the article, and ride the wave.

And I’m going to take some pride that the book I’ve been putting together for four years is almost out in the world, and that it is getting some attention in lovely places. With hopefully more coming. But I’ll definitely take the Library Journal talking about it as a win for today :)

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